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About Us

Established in 1994, Intelligent Systems Services Inc. is located near Washington, DC with representatives and partners nationwide. Our well-established track record is based on continuous pursuit of excellence in designing, implementing and supporting our nationwide clients' mission critical systems. ISS has completed many successful projects in Healthcare, Commercial, Manufacturing, Non-Profit and US Government sectors with a wide variety of operating systems, hardware, storage and data protection technologies.

Our technical focus is on implementing complete systems, storage solutions, as well as backup, recovery and disaster readiness platforms and services for these systems. ISS has played a critical role in recovery from several major IT disasters. Based on our experience, we continually design and perfect resilient, fast and well protected environments, utilizing both industry best practices and the latest in cutting edge technology.


Infinite Scalability Storage

ISS created STORCIUM in 2013 to engage the best in scalable open source storage technology for robust, mission critical business systems. ISS has enterprise grade labs and a fully operational 24/7 petabyte scale hosting operation using our STORCIUM technology.

STORCIUM brings to our clients the flexibility, scalability, and operational efficiency of the solution for all sizes of business critical systems and applications.

Mission Critical Systems

ISS has built Mission Critical systems for the US Government, major national and international corporations, medical centers and hospitals, manufacturing, telecommunications and research institutions.

Our world class team understands the most demanding information technology needs, and has the grit and resources to implement complete solutions:

Private clouds, Virtualized environments on premise
SAN and distributed storage solutions to any scale
Up to 100 Gbps Leaf and Spine networking solutions, and ToR solutions
Proprietary Computing and Storage solutions
Open Source systems based solutions
Custom consulting for mission critical IT projects

Disaster Preparedness

ISS is dedicated to Preventing and Mitigating Disasters.

A loss of mission critical IT resource can be devastating to an entire organization.

Recovery clock starts ticking the moment a trusted service goes offline and every minute of downtime brings stressful user inquiries, frantic search for recovery resources, rapidly mounting loss-of-business costs and possibilities of compliance violation.

Every IT manager who has been through such an experience will never want to live through it again.

ISS dedicates half of its business to data protection and disaster preparedness.

While failures are unpredictable in nature and timing, a lot can be done right now to greatly minimize the loss of essential services and avoid destruction of irreplaceable data.

Storcium ®


STORCIUM is the industry's best mission critical platform, utilizing such technologies as Ceph for unlimited scalability storage, Proxmox for a blazing fast hypervisor, supporting Windows and Linux guest systems, and Cumulus Linux switches for blazing fast unified communication plane. Together with ISS's world wide hardware delivery and support base, complete implementation, monitoring and management tools, remote alerting and integrated component delivery services, and over 25 years of industry expertise, STORCIUM is the only solution needed to power a modern data center.

STORCIUM brings flexibility, scalability, and operational efficiency of the solution to our customers and partners.


  • True unlimited scalability: grow storage to any size using all active storage nodes
  • Use with iSCSI, Fibre Channel, NFS, CIFS, Ceph RBD client, OpenStack, OpenNebula, Proxmox, VMWare, Microsoft
  • Commodity Hardware supplied by you or by ISS, acceleration packages available
  • Simple growth oriented cost model, support only
  • 24/7 Telemetry, Support Portal, US Based Support
  • Fully integrated on-site or off-site


STORCIUM is supported fully, end to end. ISS covers all parts and areas of the system. Nodes, drives, switches, provisioning assistance, planning, implementation, operational support and advice - we will be there to help and address any challenges, issues and concerns.

Every detail of STORCIUM operation is instrumented with remote monitors for power, CPU, heat, drives, replication, volume space - communicating 24/7 to the ISS monitoring portal and proactively supported to the level of hardware components. Predictive failure analytics ensure excellent uptime for the mission critical systems.


  • STORCIUM pricing model maximizes flexibility and encourages growth.
  • Zero deployment cost, use your own hardware platform or ISS provides fully integrated hardware base
  • Acceleration packages available to maximize performance for existing servers
  • Support contracts are based on the number of connected client systems, regardless of CPU cores, terabytes, or OS
  • Full support from flexible six months to cost effective five years
  • World class consulting team ready to engage in areas important to your business or organization

Backup Appliances

What are ISS Backup Appliances (B Nodes)?

ISS Backup and Disaster Preparedness Appliances are a game changer for protecting the most valuable, mission critical digital information assets and applications. ISS' 25+ years of data protection architecture, disaster preparedness, and operations experience is sublimated in STORCIUM® B Node appliances, ensuring fast, always monitored, versatile and efficient solution to the most demanding data protection challenges.

What type of backup is provided?

  • Hot backup for Oracle databases via Oracle RMAN ISS module
  • Hot backup for Caché databases via ISS Command Center
  • AIX, HP-UX and other UNIX systems
  • Linux systems, clusters and cloud based systems
  • OpenVMS SAN and Shadow Cloning, NFS backup images
  • Bare metal (OS image) backup for VMware, Hyper-V, and Windows/SQL Server
  • Disaster Preparedness and Geo-Replication
  • Deduplication for powerful archival using the modern Buzhash algorithm
  • Option for Hosted Disaster Recovery or Remote Vault at our data centers
  • Automated restore and activation testing

How is data protected?

High speed landing space for quick restore and retention. Remote replication to second appliance or ISS Disaster Preparedness Data Center. Deduplicated vaults with up to 99% reduction of required capacity to store data. Dedicated and ad-hoc recovery spaces, instant clones for parallel backup and restore from same media.

Is this solution secure and compliant?

ISS Backup Appliances are fully compliant with all published data security standard. Removable media is always encrypted with AES256 standard. End to end encryption is available with FIPS 140-2 module.

Can ISS Backup Appliances interoperate with third party backup tools?

Yes. ISS Backup Appliances integrate with other backup applications via Block and File options.

How is hardware supported?

ISS Backup Appliances are fully monitored and supported by ISS for all hardware components and software. Appliances report to ISS Monitoring portal in real time the hardware status, and all backup operations, with ISS fully managed support available.

What other solutions are available from ISS?

Storcium unlimited scalability on-premise data storage, and Hosted Disaster Preparedness solutions are available from ISS. For more information, please contact us at the phone number and email listed below.


ISS provides production and disaster recovery monitoring and support, including hardware and operating system technical consulting, to our company and has for several years now. I personally have worked with ISS and Alex for two years. We just completed an upgrade of our production billing system from OpenVMS to Linux, including implementation of Storcium hardware and applications. ISS consulted with us for the entire journey. Alex and team provided guidance early in the conceptual/design phase to help us make informed decisions, and then worked closely with us to develop and implement the plan. I've been a part of many large system implementations and upgrades, and this one went as smoothly as any I've encountered. Alex and his team are ultimate professionals, and they are always quick to respond and assist. With the critical business requirements of our system, I can't imagine not having ISS as a partner. Steve Summers
Vice President, Enterprise IT, TeamHealth
The ISS specialists helped us with multiple projects and each project was a success. The latest was the SAN implementation project and we are very thankful to ISS for their work. It was all much easier and took less time that one would expect with SAN implementation and data migration. ISS specialists have ability to finish projects within budget (even small budget) and on time. Alex Gorbachev possesses unique and unsurpassed technical knowledge and experience across a wide range of operating systems and products. We can say the same thing about other ISS specialists we were fortunate to work with. We worked with multiple consulting companies over the years and ISS is by far the best. Tatiana Leneva
Director, Center for Strategic and International Studies
ISS researched, designed, and implemented our migration from a Compaq 4100 to a HP ES40 utilizing HP EVA SAN storage device. This migration included the install of OS, our membership database application, Oracle and Legato Networker. ISS designed and implemented our backup and recovery procedures, writing scripts to make this process "lights out". All work was accomplished on time and on budget without any downtime of our production applications. Upon completion of our upgrade, significant application performance was achieved in the magnitude greater than 100%. Ken Jones
Chief Information Officer, WETA Channel 26
We have enjoyed a good working relationship with ISS. Definitely one of the better relationships we've had with a vendor/service provider. ISS has always been a reliable partner and does a terrific job supporting our systems backup. When we recently lost our Legato server, the IDRU service worked well to get our new machine up and running in a short amount of time. Overall, a great company to work with. Chuck Marshall
Senior Programmer Analyst , University of Michigan Medical School
ISS has been a super partner. Always attentive to our needs and their advice and assistance has been right on. We appreciate their guidance and knowledge as we move forward with improved technology plans for the University. Jay Dawson
EastCarolina University, SystemsTeam
It was a pleasure working with ISS on getting the JRMC support team up to speed on how to use the product and having the patience to answer all our questions. It was a good start and I look forward on continuing our business relationship with ISS in the future. Sincerely, Aldwin Amiscosa CNE,MCSE,CCA Aldwin Amiscosa
Jewish Renaissance Medical Center, Network Engineer/Administrator



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